Punching Day: Billy Karate, Part 1 🌭

My health is improving bit by bit, but I’m still going to need more days off than I’m comfortable taking. Which is none. I want to give the remasters a break, but I’m not quite full speed yet. So instead of stubbornly dying at my computer, I’ll make you a deal: I won’t take time off, but I will take some lighter days, and I will use those lighter days to write you an entire movie. That’s… I guess that’s how I take it easy? I obviously have some mental health problems, but that hardly matters in the face of what’s really important here, which are the opening scenes of…


“When karate master and human weapon William Karate’s Sensei is killed, he goes on a bloody quest for revenge battling mysterious assassins, rival dojos, drug cartels, crooked cops, old friends, and most dangerous of all: his own toxic masculinity. Oh wait there’s a tiger — the tiger is more dangerous.”

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Brockway, my boy, you’ve got a deal. Maybe make the next installment less funny though, because the description of Missy Steel almost killed me.

I’d be so happy to read a “hi-keeba!” In the next chapter. Also, props to Poxco for getting Cynthia Rothrock to comment.

this is amazing, but the most amazing bit is hearing that you’re on the road to recovery! Great stuff Brockway

Agreed. In the 80’s, karate may have been the way. But now, the only way is the Brockway.

You’re welcome to that if you ever need another movie tagline.
Unless I’m somehow not the first person to think that up.

Either way, very happy you’re getting better.

The Fist of the North Star live action movie was the horrible adaptation we got. Johnny Karate is the Fist of the North Star adaptation we needed. God damn it Brockway, you already have a winner here.

I wanna do the musical adaptation for Broadway. Which will forever after be known as Brockbroadway. Or Broadbrockway. Anyone got notes for me here?

Glad the amulet is working for you. Can’t wait to see the movie actually hit the screen. I’m guessing that’s the $20,000 patreon goal.

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