Punching Day: Billy Karate, Part 13

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4 replies on “Punching Day: Billy Karate, Part 13”

I searched for an image of an Iroc exploding and Google just called me a “treasonous commie.”

Now Google tells me I’ve been put on some sort of “enemies list.” I think that search was really the last straw for me with the AI.
I’ve noticed for a while now there has been a disgusted pause after I enter my search terms. “Girls+washing fish+extra soap -dignity” doesn’t even auto populate anymore.
Half the time I get results for local therapists no matter what I search.
Last week the “Safe Search” icon was replaced with an emoji representing the existential concept of vicarious shame.
It’s a smiley face with little red cheeks, no mouth and eyes that have seen some shit.
Like that only it’s clearly been to hell.

For Hector I pictured Danny McBride but given the Hollywood trainer treatment so he’s super jacked. Either him or Walton Goggins. He’s got the slim but ripped look already.

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