Punching Day: Billy Karate, Part 16

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2 replies on “Punching Day: Billy Karate, Part 16”

Brockway you need to be careful! If Billy Karate really has gone viral in Hollywood, and god I hope that’s true, then you have to hide the old columns featuring Geoff and Chaz. The leering, coke-addled sexual predators in H-town cannot know how accurately you portray their antics… otherwise that will be all they let you write about. Just page after page of ‘Chaz and Geoff: Cocaine PI’s’ or ‘The Weisntein Family Fun Hour, starring Cocaine!’ I refuse to watch as you’re whisked away to their Cocaine vault aboard the Cocaine ship with Captain Cocaine at the helm! Dammit, I accidentally made that sound rad as hell.

By Crom I hope this becomes the movie that finally destroys the MCU. Financially and also physically, with karate.

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