Podcasting Day: The Human Tornado 🌭

In 1976, Rudy Ray Moore made the perfect film. He took everything he learned from Dolemite, forgot it, added tits, refused to do anything that wasn’t fun, doubled the tits, and the result was a kung fu art film about a male prostitute superhero called The Human Tornado. It rules.

We discuss its intentional successes and its accidental successes with our own Lydia Bugg, who had never seen it until the night before recording this. She loved it! Who wouldn’t!? Listen to it here or wherever you like to Dogg Zzone. Also, as you know, rattlesnakes have bit us and crawled off and died, and it helps our podcast if you motherfucking like and subscribe.

Because there’s no wrong way to discuss The Human Tornado, Seanbaby designed an Action Question Quiz to test Robert and Liddy’s Human Tornado quote quotient. It is fun and it’s fierce because we are cool and we’re steady, and if you’d like to play the home version, fucking scroll down already.