Welcome to the 1-900-HOT-DOG archives! These are the hilarity vaults, where precious comedy is stored at a stable temperature in a low-moisture environment so that future generations may look back on the works of Seanbaby and Robert Brockway, and despair at how far the art of comedy has fallen in the laughless future. They all know Laser Mime sucks, but they’re just out of ideas.

CGA pixel art by Julia Minamata

Hey there 1-900-HOT-DOG Kidz Club Members (Hot Dogs, Cool Kids!™ ) check out this “totally bad” Image Hunt! Hidden in the cutting-edge Computerized Pictofile above are 25 references to some of 1-900-HOT-DOG’s greatest hits! If you look closely, you might find some hints on this page to help you hunt. Hot Dog! Let’s get lookin’!