Podcasting Day: Dog Police with Fryda Wolff 🌭

When I said I wanted to do a whole podcast on the 3-minute long novelty song “Dog Police,” Seanbaby said “you’re gonna get a whole podcast out of that?” and then immediately added “Fryda Wolff would love it.” 

He was right! Fryda loves Dog Police first and foremost, but second to that she is a talented voice actor who dominates video games and animation, so every time we trick her into doing an impression here she’s working for free! That makes this entire podcast a violation of labor laws, and we its corrupt union-busting capitalist pigs. Follow Fryda here so she can at least say she’s working for exposure. 

There is so much Dog Policing to cover. Origin stories, videos, TV shows! The song got TV shows! Plural! The world almost went nuts for Dog Police, but then did not. The Dog Police they actually filmed was-

Hold on, I can sense your confusion. I keep saying “Dog Police” and you keep thinking “but which one? There are so many cinematic dog police, and I know them all by heart – they’re each and every one totally charming. Can you specify?” 

Of course-

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