Nerding Day: Incel Daredevil

In 1964, a boy was blinded by a radioactive truck! Twelve years later a boy was born who would change the words of comic books for humor jokes. I am that second boy and I hope you love to humor laugh, because this week’s Nerding Day features the adventures of Daredevil, only a worse, less sexually confident Daredevil. Oh, and out of respect for this wonderfully written character and his rich internal dialog, I left all of Daredevil’s original thought bubbles.

This article was brought to you by our fine patron and Hot Dog Supreme, Jeff Atwood: the star of the story choosing from 39 possible endings!

2 replies on “Nerding Day: Incel Daredevil”

Man, making fun of Incels on the internet? That’s pretty dangerous stuff, Seanbaby. I mean, while you were learning to write comedy, they were studying the blade.

What if they come after you with their katanas? Their greasy trenchcoats blowing gently in the night wind, and their fedoras pulled down low to hide their killer’s eyes. They’ll give you one last chance to take back your words, and maybe to tell them how you got a girlfriend, before they strike you down. The last thing you’ll ever hear, as they speed past you like a lightning strike, cutting you in half, will be “big tiddy goth gf”.

Be careful, Seanbaby!

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