The Comic Strip

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5 replies on “The Comic Strip”

This might be the trainable in me, but I can’t honestly say whether I saw these or not. Like a fading dream in the morning. Mini monsters for sure right? Nope, that was Frankenstein jr. Also, just asked my wife and she completely remembers the Comic Strip

…what’s a Pant’s Chapley? Like, some kind of old-timey chapstick? Anyways, sweet Hong Kong Phooey article.

If that Walro guy wasn’t voiced by Wilford Brimley, I’d say that’s yet another thing for which this cartoon owes your childhood an apology.

A woman with tentacles? I can’t be the only one imagining a world of sexual potential with that concept can I?

Silverhawks were a thing??? I didnt make them up in a fever dream???

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