Reflecting Day: Become the ManLoaf

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8 replies on “Reflecting Day: Become the ManLoaf”

Love the external site so much. But love being a Hot Dog so much more.

We love you in an unsafe and wildly unpredictable manner!
When will loving you transform from paying you money into trying to turn you into a lampshade? Even we don’t know!

I am glad you guys were able to finally get this to work… I know it wasn’t easy.

Looking forward to a much better viewing/reading experience!

Re-reading this a year plus after this article was posted, and reflecting upon it (because I’m not ready to become processed into Man Meat JUST yet, I still have too many video games I need to get to!), I realized that I discovered and signed up to the Dawg at the perfect time. Partially because any time you discover 1-900-HotDog is the perfect time, but mostly because I did so RIGHT after the external site was a thing, and thus got to avoid the pains of having to deal with Patreon for my near daily dose of comedy hilarity.

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