Reflecting Day: Hot Dan the Mustard Man

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16 replies on “Reflecting Day: Hot Dan the Mustard Man”

I was just about to comment on how I don’t see Popsicle Pete anywhere, but then I realized the terrifying implications of that and now I’m scared to turn and check behind myself.

Popsicle Pete is the only one who can stop Hot Dan the Mustard Man, so it’s a shame he would rather team-up with him instead. I look forward to Mustardsicles gouging out my face.

I feel like Universal should do this rather than the Dark Universe. How much could it possibly cost to buy the rights to Hot Dan? Two, three million souls?

Hot Dan is just Popsicle Pete’s brother who happens to be tragically wracked with FAS. Oh, and Pete’s ALWAYS behind you.

Three Gay Lusty Mustards to Lydia, and a hearty horror excercise VHS to you all. Huzzah!!

Only the finest meat packers understand that after a hard day’s packin’ of meats the most you can bring yourself to do is approve. The horrors we see on the packin’ line are more than most mortal men can bear. We let Hot Dan escape once and oh my god I can here him comi

Congratulations, Lydia, you’re the best!
But I fear this sirloin is lacking zest.
Oh sweet Lord, why did I speak this aloud?
The mustard demon arrives under a cheerful shroud.

I don’t even think half of these books or comics came to be until they appeared one day on Sean’s cursed bookshelf. I mean, I’d never heard of a Godek before Seanbaby. And Popsicle Pete? Are you so naive as to think that actually happened in this or any universe?

Ah, good to know. I thought I was possessed by a dead civilization’s hatred, but I’ve just been reminiscing about mustard mascots.

As an Oklahoman reading this on Thursday, I wish I could comfirm the mustard’s appropriateness, but I don’t see Hot Dan anyw-

(`° °`)


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