Nerding Day: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Coming Out of Their Shells

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10 replies on “Nerding Day: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Coming Out of Their Shells”

Is “boujee” how we’re spelling it now?

I’m not saying it’s wrong because I almost always am.

I would have said “bougie”, but now that looks weird to me too. Nothing makes sense anymore.

Anyway, my brother and I went and saw this live as kids. I have no idea when/where this was filmed, but maybe we’re there in the audience for it, dressed up as Michaelangelo and Raphael (respectively)? As a child with no taste, I have to say I loved it at the time.

I have maintained fond memories of TMNT by never revisiting any of it. Especially the Michael Bay movies.

I like how the ad at the end almost looks as if it’s just a real ad for the show until you give it the slightest bit of attention.

I am really worried that the Alamo Drafthouse bankruptcy will put plans on hold for a international touring battle of the bands between the Ninja Turtles and Dragon Sound, whose hit single “Against the Ninja” from Miami Connection was a proactive shot across the unshelled bow of the turtles.

Hey Seanbaby. I keep missing out on your content because you don’t announce where you’re going when you leave a place. I wondered what you were up to after you left Cracked but couldn’t find you. I didn’t find the Tumblr until this year and I didn’t know about this site until someone suggested it on Reddit. Can you please start announcing where you’re going when you start new projects from now on? That would be great.

I think it’s hilarious the Shredder has an entire song about hating music. They should have at least given him a Metal song. Aren’t his most famous henchmen named after very specific kinds of jazz and reggae?

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