Reflecting Day: Traxx Attaxx!

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8 replies on “Reflecting Day: Traxx Attaxx!”

I’d absolutely love to see what they would’ve done for zootopia. I’m betting it would involve more tits and laser eyes and I’m all about that.

Also, Forest Whitaker looks just as confused as we are fighting those ghost dogs.

If you would like to see some of the spirit of those posters in movie form, Tubi has a bunch of Nollywood action movies if you look around.

The only thing that could have made this perfect article even MORE perfecter (it’s a word, shut up) would be if there were a Ghana version poster of Traxxx, thus bringing things full circle.

Hahahaha! And now I truly know why I continue to throw my hard earned money at you and Sean. I always thought it was because of the quality articles and unlimited humor, but in reality, it’s because of exactly that. Sometimes the first explanation for a thing is the right one.

That Mission Impossible poster is way better than the actual Mission Impossible poster. That is exactly what Tom Cruise looks like when he hasn’t got his level ten thetan face mask power boost on.

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