Nerding Day: Pokemon Training Video

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3 replies on “Nerding Day: Pokemon Training Video”

I read the Big Bird line in Big Bird’s voice and it was like a piece of my childhood broke off and crumbled away. It’s not Lydia’s fault though, it feels too real to not be the truth. Behind the scenes at Sesame Street is a dark, dark alleyway…

Alolan Dugtrio is the best Pokémon and I will die on that hill. Some of the magic is lost without the animated hair physics, but that foil card almost captures it… Either way, that goddamn Igor wig gets me every time.

I will never be able to take Penn Badgley’s name seriously ever again. All I can hear in my head now is “Couch Ruggley. Poster Wallerton. Fridge Tileman. Postit Stapleton…”

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