Reflecting Day – Man Comics Collection Vol. 1

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6 replies on “Reflecting Day – Man Comics Collection Vol. 1”

Ya know, Mr. Reilly, I was gonna go to work today, but after rereading these, I know I’ll be chuckling inappropriately in meetings. Personal day!

But no Volto? Thats my only note. Rock on, Seanbaby.

You bastard! I already bought the T-shirt and mug, and NOW you bring out the Master’s merch? You sweet, capitalist bastard. Freeze those nitrates, pop’em on a stick, and serve’em to me out of a van with music chiming over the screams of your victims trapped in the cooler. I’m all yours!

Any chance of getting poster-sized reprints of Man Comics pages? Need to update some home decor this summer.

I vote more Cracked era remasters (5 Dumbest Super Heroes and 5 Things Not Worth Nostalgia are favorites of mine). Trying to read them on that broken ass website makes me want to punch a baby…..

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