Learning Day: Lydia Goes to Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk and Rock ‘N Roll Steak House

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5 replies on “Learning Day: Lydia Goes to Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk and Rock ‘N Roll Steak House”

As someone who went to college in Nashville during the 90s with a roommate addicted to listening to the police scanner, my first order of business was bookmarking that Twitter account. My second order of business was asking my wife if I could refer to her as “Cadillac Pussy” during our trip to her parents for their fiftieth anniversary. LIKE SEVENTY-FIVE YEAR OLD FLORIDIANS HAVEN’T HEARD IT AT AT CHURCH BEFORE.

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Was there a life-size commemorative statue of Joe C.? Anyone remember him? From the look on Kid Rock’s face in every pic, Joe might be all he remembers.

So I read that and googled “kid rock Joe camel” wondering if that was really what the C stood for or just another terrible commenter “joke” that we all do, and found out he died in 2000 at 26 due to his dwarfism. So, after reading about Kid Rock having a diner and poor, poor Joe C. dying a Kid Rock fan, I am now throughly depressed. Well done, this is what I pay for.

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