Nerding Day: The Rainbow Strikes!

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4 replies on “Nerding Day: The Rainbow Strikes!”

I wasted my youth reading Archie comics, so all I know of superheros, I learned at 1-900-Hotdog and I’m a terrible student, so this is all I know of comic books:

1. Women in old comic books were just the worst, and I have to admit that I admire them because they see a man dressed up as a rainbow chicken man and instead of scuttling away in terror, they respond by attacking his masculinity. This is CRAZY and I have to admit, it’s on my bucket list.

2. It is easier to find a costume shop than a cop in comic books.

3. I would never have become a good-time girl if I hadn’t been lured into the clutches of the shiftless Italians (but I already knew that one).

There’s a terrible joke in there somewhere…where the Rainbow is “affiliated” with The Proud Boys. I’d bet they’d love to know about that!

Well, I feel dumb. I thought that part was OG, but then I finished reading…ugh. I finally raced down to the comments early ONE FREAKING TIME…

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