Nerding Day: Abduction

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5 replies on “Nerding Day: Abduction”

Taylor Lautner later appeared in the british sitcom ‘Cuckoo’ as an unreasonably attractive idiot. He was perfect.

He looks like he’s always about to laugh, like there’s a mental image of something so hilarious in his minds eye that is constantly threatening to come out in laughter form.

Now now, those aren’t expressive scrunches, those are just how Lautner always looks. Just like his former co-stars’ blank stares.

Taylor Lautner seems to be custom-built to be so attractively bland that he slides right out of your sight. It’s like he has an invisibility cloak.

This guy is supposed to be attractive? He looks like if you smushed one of those cavemen from the insurance commercials face first into a crappy 90’s photocopier and hit the “bland” option.

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