Nerding Day: Gremlins 2

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9 replies on “Nerding Day: Gremlins 2”

Thanks for this. Gremlins 2 is seriously one of my favorite movies ever, it’s so batshit crazy. I’ve always heard they were going for a kind of live-action Looney Tunes type of thing, and if that’s true they did a pretty good job making a film that’s just unrelentingly insane for the entirety of its runtime.

Gremlins 2 also has one of the all time classic novelisations. Instead of the broken film reel gag, they have an editor gremlin who stops the novel briefly.

One of my favourite gags in the movie is Phoebe Cate’s monologue about why Presidents’ Day is triggering for her (a flasher dressed like Lincoln in the park when she was a kid), parodying her story in the first movie about being traumatised one Christmas when a burglar dressed like Santa died in her family’s chimney.

The first movie also rules, regardless of its inferiority compared to its sequel.

Wasn’t it her father in the chimney who had dressed as Santa, broke his neck and they discovered the body when the smell kicked in?

Although I’d absolutely believe there was a TV edit that changed it to a burglar.

You are 100% right, pretty sure it was just a localised Mandala effect, the natural result of being a fake new boy.

I cannot overstate how much I love this article and the references to Key & Peele’s skit made it better!

You see, hacks on that other site, you can totally cover ground that someone else has already mocked, and acknowledge their contributions while expanding on it instead of just pretending you happened to come up with the same jokes much later!

I wonder if someone has told Nick Lutsko about Joe Dante’s comments about Gremlin’s 2 being attempt to make sure Gremlin’s 3 is never made hahaha!

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