Nerding Day: Catman Eats a Single Egg

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16 replies on “Nerding Day: Catman Eats a Single Egg”

That was a well written, witty article that I am proud to support. Still, the funniest part was Jokers Bone. Do you think it’s white and green? I haven’t read a lot of comics. Do they ever show it? Is it an amusing shape? Does he disguise it with a flower so you’ll be surprised when it squirts? Does it also squirt acid? I always assumed joker boned, but maybe that’s part of his new backstory and why he ganked Johnny Carson.

While we’re on the subject, in the movie “Joker” he’s like 30 years older than Bruce. Has Batman been beating on a senior citizen all these years? No wonder he’s pissing acid.

You laugh, but a few years ago they showed Batman’s Batawang in-panel (obscured by shadows, but it was still obvious what was going on down there). DC probably only needs a month or so of light comic book sales before they have Mr J whip out his Jokermobile in front of everyone.

it wasn’t the psycopathy alone that harley loved. she is a woman who knows herself and is now in my headcannon, a size queen.

I have it on very good authority that Joker would never actually let anybody see his dong, he’d just keep finding ways to pull out a rubber fish instead.

The best part of Secret Six was during Catman’s one fistfight with Batman, where he spent the entire time commenting on Bruce’s stinky burrito breath in-between punches.

That’s obviously bullshit. Bruce Wayne travelled the world learning from the finest minds anything and everything he needs to know to fight crime. This would obviously include dentists in case he needs to identify bite marks, so his dental hygiene would be top notch.

I think the implication was that Bruce had driven through Taco Bell or something before the fight.

On the one hand, I want to argue that Bruce would prepare his own perfect burrito using secret techniques he learnt from a wise old Mexican man. On the other hand, “Batman Forever” clearly established that Bruce will get drive through. I don’t know what to think now.

Batman was raised by a butler and spent half his life wandering the world, he absolutely gets takeout whenever he’s not at home. Some versions it’s even canon that one skill he completely lacks is cooking.

Are we still considering “woke” as a positive word ? I implore you to reconsider, Mrs. Bugg.

While re-reading Lydia’s articles I discovered that Joe Dante of Gremlins 2 fame also directed an episode of Witches of East End called “When a Mandrago Loves a Woman”. What a small hot dog world we live in!

Honestly, the single egg, massive frying pan, and deformed kettle are the least unsettling things about that panel for me.

What is going on with that kitchen? How is there a mirror to the abyss right next to his single burner stove? Why does the stove look like a hole he just punched through a fence? Why is there an undersized board balancing on the apparently nonexistent corner of a black void with no outer edge? How is the bookcase(?) in the background both in front of and behind that seemingly flat wall!? The whole room is madness! The closer I look the less sense anything makes!

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