Learning Day: The Old-Timey Madness Collection

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9 replies on “Learning Day: The Old-Timey Madness Collection”

I was wondering who he looked like, but my brain was only returning ‘skinny Ron Perlman’.

We don’t get enough whoopings by men in tophats in our media.

Also, between Edward Dalton and De Gracy, I’m trying to figure out which one does the talking and which one just reiterates everything the first guy says but weirder and more threatening.

That was a professional photographer that was making ends meet working for the cops and I salute him. Were he still there I’d go there and do something petty enough to get my glamour shot but not have to stick around in a 5×5 cell.

Probably cheaper.

Also auto polo is fuckin’ wild. We have demo derby now. Auto polo can’t be THAT much more lethal.

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