Learning Day: Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter

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2 replies on “Learning Day: Walt Builds a Family Fallout Shelter”

The Civil Defense Corps prepared its materials based on actual tests with actual nukes at a time when both sides still seriously planned to fight (and presumably win) on a nuclear battlefield. That meant not only surviving the initial attacks, but then getting back to work at your factory, farm, or foxhole as quickly as possible.

We got scared of this stuff again after 9-11 and I had the opportunity to lead a unit specifically tasked with responding to WMD attacks on the US (It’s called “CBRN Consequence Management” in the language of bureaucratic gibberish).

We dug through all this stuff to see if it still practically and scinetifically holds up and, yes, it absolutely does. Remember, Grandpappy/mammy totally expected nuclear war to happen and wanted a better plan than “die” when it did. That’s way better qualification for dealing with nuclear aftermath than a full playthrough of the Fallout series.

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