Nerding Day: i tell c

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7 replies on “Nerding Day: i tell c”

At first I thought the premise sounded pretty funny as long as it didn’t overstay it’s welcome. Then you showed me the errors of my naïveté. I’ll never doubt you again.

I read this weekly and, for such a short lived series, it felt like it had 10 first issues and no ending. What a treat it was to revisit its many forgettable characters and storylines through this article because I’m sure no one could read it twice.

Not the first time I’ve seen a series struggle to figure out an actual premise for at least that long. They’re always the worst. Anime thrives on supreme confidence in ridiculous ideas, you can practically smell the panic from every relaunch.

I recognize that I’m two years late to this conversation, but does anyone know the name of the Baal piece of art? It’s weirdly compelling.

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