Nerding Day: Malibu Comics’ Firearm: The Movie

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15 replies on “Nerding Day: Malibu Comics’ Firearm: The Movie”

Tool in 1993, too! I’m imagining the two dudes leaving the comic store and heading to the Jellö Loft to catch a show. “Woah bro, these dudes are Cold & Ugly!”

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but we’re all friends here, right?

…I honestly really liked Billy Zane in Demon Knight. It felt like the character was written just for him: superficially charming, but actually creepy with bouts of petulant rage and occasional terrifyingly chilling menace. Seems like a perfect amalgam of all his acting strengths.

‘The camera spins around behind them while holy music plays sarcastically, letting us know this is a sacred place but also that we’re assholes for thinking that. That’s how everything was treated in the 1990s, the decade we invented irony but not the one when we learned how to deploy it.’

Fantastic. A line of such quality it takes me back to when you guys had more time to write each piece.

I optimistically chose to interpret this as “I remember when Cracked had the good shit like this, before corporate d-bags ruined it”

“Malibu Comics: Helping jaded sex criminals fall back in love with life.”

Well this takes a horrifying meaning when you realize what happened to Prime creator Gerald Jones…

Actually rather liked the original Firearm series even if this movie was laughably bad.

You mean Gerard Jones, right?

Men of Tomorrow is one of the best books I’ve ever read on comics history, too, but I can’t recommend it anymore without some pretty unfortunate caveats.

(sorry if this reply appears more than once; I’m having some trouble getting the page to load)

Nobody walks that easily into an obvious Zane trap unless “Jason” is actually Billy Z. himself, so dazzled by his own effulgent Zane-ity that he missed the danger signs and just stumbled in. The brutal honesty he exhibits about his own character is only meant to throw us off. Very clever, Mr. Z — but not clever enough.

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