Nerding Day: OMAC One Man Army?

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9 replies on “Nerding Day: OMAC One Man Army?”

Bugs Bunny built many a Sexy-Lady-Bombs and it would never even occur to him not to deliver those already fully assembled.

Maybe they sent the doll-bombs unassembled because Kirby knew it would appeal to mankind’s inherent desire to tinker with their shit? Like, she’s a sexy lady, but you can also futz with her as if she was your car or your gaming rig?

I’ve been dwelling on this.
I think he was supposed to be just OMA, but that is barely a sound effect, let alone a title, so the C was added to make it sound like a name.

Speaking a little more seriously:

When people say they don’t like Kirby’s writing, usually they mean they don’t like his *dialogue*. The distinction is pedantic but it’s important, because it’s important to remember that Kirby was co-writer in all his collaborations with Stan Lee, even when the credits claimed Lee as sole writer.

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