Nerding Day: Mormon Toy Review

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3 replies on “Nerding Day: Mormon Toy Review”

> Also, traditional is synonymous to me with a buffalo chicken wing flavor. I fully expected traditional Jesus to be coated in a delicious orange sauce.

He has famously been described as a holy infant “tender and mild.” This feels consistent.

I sort of expected Topper Goodmeadow to show up here.
I miss his dulcet tones and sensitive sensibilities. Ah, to look upon his face once more, to hear him quietly steel himself against the sinful machinations of Hot Doggery… it would be a true heaven on earth.

Those Brick’em Young LEGO mans look like the same molds used by Greenbrier International, who distribute knockoff LEGO sets sold at Dollar Tree- the one that comes to mind are three sets of Zombies, including a Zombie-cop with a gun, so if they don’t share the universe of proper LEGO people, they certainly exist in a world where the dead have risen and are armed…

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