Learning Day: Isn’t That Something? Redux

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5 replies on “Learning Day: Isn’t That Something? Redux”

Jesus fucking christ.

I never lived anywhere that had a public access channel. For us, this kind of fascinated crazy-watching was limited to more “mainstream” 1am programming, like Art Bell, Jim Bakker, and GLOW.

I remember being in a hotel room in North Carolina years ago watching public access television when a public service announcement came on. It states, “This is a public service announcement reminding you to eat cum.” I still haven’t (knowingly) eaten any cum, but I certainly haven’t forgotten that I should.

One of my favorite articles here. Glad Loveless had a better time than was originally guessed.

Also, totally seems like a guy my dad would have worked with. He worked at UPS for 40 years, mostly driving a tractor trailer. He had some…interesting acquaintances. (Dad’s still alive, just retired.)

My old boss was a regular on the Mohave county public access, hosting cooking shows and the occasional Christmas parade. The other PA regs would hang out at the deli I worked at. Even at the most professional PA personalities often may as well be drunk for how stilted and uncomfortable they are on camera.

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