Learning Day: Yogi Bear Visits the U.N.

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7 replies on “Learning Day: Yogi Bear Visits the U.N.”

What percentage of readers of this didn’t at least once read one of the panels to themselves in a Yogi impression? I assume FOR A FACT that Seanbaby must have done it so many times during the photoshopping that it brought on the pain of a soul-cramping.

When Yogi loses copyright protection I’ll take this as a live action movie over Yogi: Hell In A Pic-a-nic Basket anyday!

I demand a sequel where Yogi leads a revolution and successfully secedes from the United States. Long live the the fighters of Yogi Bear!

Why is Boo-Boo replaced mid-comic by an unrelated child-bear? unless… *gulp* don’t tell me…THAT’s what Boo-Boo looks like from the front?! B-but it makes no sense!!! Where’s his big muzzle???? He’s practically a capybara in profile!!!!!

Fuck you for making me look up and read this lazy bullshit

“Yogi’s encounter with the United Nations is unique among these representations: Far from rendering a warm fictional world of prospective equality, it lays bare real and besetting political contradictions built into the U.N.’s foundation.”

It’s like something a time lord masquerading as a journalist would write on a slow day- wait a minute!

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