Nerding Day: Worth It or Woke

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7 replies on “Nerding Day: Worth It or Woke”

Is ‘Roads are racist’ the new ‘I identify as a helicopter’? I suppose it’s been like 10 years, they had find a second joke eventually.

Don’t forget “Let’s Go Brandon,” which was only funny because I’m a registered Democrat and I say “fuck Joe Biden” all the time but edgy conservatives are still afraid to say cuss words.

Hey, they found a second joke! It’s the “let’s go Brandon” one! It’s not a great joke, mind you, but it’s recognizably a real joke!

I wish I had any art skills so I could draw my interpretation of “Ruth Badger Ginsburg”. Magnificent typo.

Man, I really hate to find myself in the position of “defending” any aspect of this mediocre-minded shithead’s attempt to surf a right-wing reactionary wave in such a way as to grift people into reading his basic-bitch film reviews, but…

I think a lot of the jokes in this article are based on a very weird misunderstanding of how the rating system works. There are 5 different scores, 4 very normal ones that have nothing to do with wokeness and then the “woke-o-meter” which is the only score about wokeness. These 5 scores are averaged into an overall score (80% about normal movie stuff, 20% about “wokeness”). That’s all it is, right? I don’t think he’s trying rate cinematography etc. on wokeness or anything, as funny as it would be if he was. The 60% Overall Score for Mean Girls isn’t supposed to add up to 100% with the 35% Based score on the “Woke-O-Meter”; The 60% is an average of that 35% score with the other 4 normal movie stuff scores (all in the 60-75% range).

There’s actually something interesting, I think, in this guy’s trouble getting traction on Fox news due to only partially committing to the bit. Based on the weighting of his film scores, he 80% cares about normal film review stuff (albeit an uninspired half-assed version of it) and only 20% cares about anti-woke culture war bullshit. This is incomprehensible to Fox News shitheads who will only accept 100% frothing at the mouth over anti-woke culture war bullshit. He’s too much of a right-wing dummy for sane society, but not enough of a right-wing dummy for the demographic he’s trying to attract.

I think Liddy’s understandable confusion about how the rating system works come from the bait-and-switch of him branding his website as totally about anti-woke bullshit, and then delivering a product that’s only 1/5 about anti-woke bullshit and 4/5 bog-standard but poorly written normal film review stuff.

Having read much of Liddy’s material – including her off-HD stuff – I’m thinking it’s not going too far out on a limb to suggest that you’re understandably confused about her “interpretation” of the rating system being part of the joke. To quote The Tick, “Come on, Arthur, get meta with me!”

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