Learning Day: Tears Are Not Enough

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4 replies on “Learning Day: Tears Are Not Enough”

I thought that you did a very good job with cutting out Bob Dylan’s hair for your picture book but then you mostly slandered my homeland for the rest of the article because of our best but modest efforts. Here is a real Canada fact: in order to get home to Calgary by train from where I live Yanksside (I have ailments that preclude other travel options at present), it would take five or six days and four or five transfers and still require a three-hour bus trip down from Edmonton.

i ‘preciate that and best but modest effort kinda describes my whole thing so i ‘pologize on that one and sorry to hear about the ailments

You are a sweetheart, sissyneck, and I can admit through stung pride that this was a funny article.

I’ve seen this video several dozen times. It’s on the USA for Africa cassette also, and that’s a favorite! There’s also an annotated version of the music video that tells you the names of the…less recognizable folks… Thanks sissyneck!

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