Podcasting Day: The Great Cosby Hunt 🌭

Happy Podcasting Day! A few weeks ago we called you all cowards who wouldn’t dare listen to a long and terrible podcast…

And you guys loved it! 

So we did it again.

That’s how it works. If you tell us you like to be tortured, we’re going to torture you. It’s more about customer service than it is sadomasochism, but it’s definitely both.

This time around the bubbly and upbeat Lydia Bugg is joining us to discuss how you can track the many sex crimes of Bill Cosby through his bibliography of subpar books. She doesn’t deserve this. You should be mad at us for doing this to her!

We don’t even know where to go from here, if you guys like this one. Analyze the comedic structure of the Armenian genocide? Make jokes about transcripts from the 9/11 planes? Track the warning signs for the John Wayne Gacy murders using only his unpublished amateur comic strips about a wacky cat who wears themed helmets?

This isn’t sustainable. You need to stop us. You have to tell us to knock it off and get back to making dick jokes about golden-age Spiderman or we are going to spiral into the void fuck fuck we are begging you to be our anchor we are drifting. Much like Bill Cosby, we are leaving you elaborate clues through our collected works because we can’t believe you haven’t caught us by now.

Don’t listen to this podcast wherever you get podcasts, and for fuck’s sake do not subscribe to and review it.

This is your fault. 

This is all your fault, we’re putting it on you. 

Much like Bill Cosby in both his book crimes and actual crimes, we accept no responsibility for our actions, and are sorely disappointed in your lackluster efforts to apprehend us.