Podcasting Day: Marvel Questprobe Featuring Spider-Man Featuring Taylor Moore and Tim Platt! 🌭

Happy Podcasting Day, everyo– okay, enough whimsy. What we’ve done today is probably unforgivable. Three months ago, we subjected two of the stars of Rude Tales of Magic to the hole-digging mind curse of Scott Adams’ Marvel’s Questprobe’s The Hulk. And today we’ve done it again.

We are joined by Tim Platt and Taylor Moore who Brockway trapped in the inescapable office building of dislogic from Scott Adams’ Marvel™’s Questprobe™ Featuring Spider-Man™.

Marvel at our inability to advance even the tiniest bit of Spider-Man‘s quest to probe every niche® in this 1984 text adventure! We erased Ringmaster from reality! We straight up killed The Lizard and dragged his body around with an executive desk we stole. It’s hard to know what exactly we did in this haze of broken physics, blindness, and confusion, but one thing is clear: we are bad Spider-Men.

Review and subscribe! To us, sure, but mostly to Taylor and Tim’s hilarious shows Rude Tales of Magic and Oh Those Stars of Space. And we’re sorry, The Lizard!


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