Best of 2023 – Podcasting Day

2023 was a big year for cured meat podcasts. We spun off our love of Mountain Monsters into BIGFEETS, an all new project with the internet’s Seanbaby, books’s Jason Pargin, and nothing’s Brockway. It was an instant success, taking all the pressure to succeed off the Dogg Zzone 9000. Allowing us to get really weird with it. Most of that strangeness was brilliantly illustrated by Brett Ellefson, pictured above with the apocalyptic Hot Dog Twink he will not travel without (brilliantly illustrated by Rusty Shackles). Enjoy Brett’s wonderful art about our hilarious podcast and wonder what you did right this year, to deserve so much.

Dr. Ruth’s Game of Good Sex with Hana Michels

Seanbaby found Dr. Ruth’s board game about sexual health, which is a real thing that exists no matter how much you argue with the universe. He carefully laid out the rules for a podcast actual-play through this bizarre artifact from a wrong dimension. Then we invented Hana Michels on to destroy all those rules.

It’s a Royal Knockout with John Bull

John Bull contacted us on Twitter, demanding we talk about It’s a Royal Knockout, the celebrity game show invented, hosted, and played by the actual royal family. We said “WE DON’T CAVE TO DEMANDS,” and then we saw Meat Loaf die trying to catch a naughty onion. We caved.

Superfights with Dirk Marshall

Superfights! Fuck yeah, Superfights! Dirk Marshall brought a 1990s Bloodsport knock-off starring a karate elf, expecting us to mock it. Every single one of us fell in love. That’s it, that’s the end of the write-up. There was no twist. GONG.

Escape From Death Block 13 with Katie Goldin

Seanbaby wanted to talk about the general existence of Robert Bronzi, the Hungarian man who almost kind of looked like Charles Bronson several decades too late to capitalize on that. Seanbaby picked Escape From Death Block 13 at random, we invited the wonderful Katie Goldin on because we were certain she’d never even heard of Charles Bronson, and then, god dammit. We all fell in love again! That’s it, that’s the end of the write-up. There’s no twist. BIRD!

T and T’s Silver Angel with Zak Koonce

Spelunking through the Tubi back catalog, Brockway stumbled across T and T, the half-hour Canadian action-mystery buddy cop show featuring Mr. T post A-Team. Impossibly neither he, Seanbaby, or Zak Koonce had ever heard of it. Brockway picked an episode at random – the one about a demented lone ranger repeatedly robbing a Whole Foods with special guest stars the Fat Boys. You know what happened. We can’t help falling in love! No twist again! TOOT!

“Wow, Brett really did all that fan art, that’s amazing!” You, an idiot, are saying.

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