Podcasting Day: WB Superstar with Jamie Kelly! 🌭

In 2004, a struggling TV network decided to create their own American Idol, but entirely out of the good parts. And in 2004, that meant the hilarious audition failures. WB’s Superstar USA was a short-sighted fool’s idea. It was like trying to recreate your bachelor party weekend out of just the diarrhea part. To be clear, this was a show designed to lure bad singers into a Truman Show trap and sometimes try to fuck them!

Listen here, or wherever you get podcasts, to this mean-spirited prank with no exit strategy that went on far too long and may have ruined televised humiliation forever! Our guest is our own audio engineer Jamie Kelly, who is right now learning this podcast isn’t real and Tone Loc and Vitamin C have been watching her pointlessly edit fake discussions about karate movies for months. Everyone you love is robots; you are on DZ’s Superstar 900! Congratulations, Jamie!