Podcasting Day: Dumber than Real with Hana Michels! 🌭

It’s Podcasting Day and we’re lucky enough to have momentarily lassoed Professional Whirlwind of Chaos, Hana Michels! Follow her on Twitter to track her path of destruction, and check out her Etsy store to buy some cat anuses (see: whirlwind of chaos). We knew the instant we got boring Hana would tip over all of our shelves and start a small fire, so we played a trivia game with her

If you have cheap shelves or are interested in some with fire damage, please contact us. 

It’s time for-

The rules are simple: they’re in the podcast! Why would you need to know them now? This board doesn’t work. It’s just a picture. Go listen to the thing, then subscribe to the thing and review the thing.