Podcasting: Godek’ing with April O’Neil 🌭

In man’s quest to get his dong into things, he has tried an infinite number of options. A romance “expert” named Gregory JP Godek made it his quest to list them all then spent decades boiling it down to one– fuck on pizza. On today’s Dogg Zzone 9000 Podcast, we’re joined by adult film star April O’Neil to discuss the hilarious tragedy of Godek’s career.

Hear how Godek went from best-selling author and love guru in the early ’90s to nothing else despite three desperate, embarrassing attempts!

Witness him take ideas from 1001 Ways to Be Romantic and repackage them in different books for 30 years in increasingly less successful ways!

Listen to Seanbaby explain, in exhausting detail, why it’s okay to hate this pitiful naked man who makes his wife’s birthdays special by letting her pick the toppings on their sex pizza.

Hear Brockway and April compete for Seanbaby’s love in the hottest, most romantic Seanbaby’s Book Game the Dogg Zzone 9000 has ever seen!

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