Podcasting Day: Naura Hayden Doesn’t Know How to Fuck 🌭

This week we’re talking to adult film star, Dogg Zzone 9000 editor, and professional half-shirt wearer Jamie French! 

You can find Jamie’s powerfully NSFW Twitter here, and rest assured you will learn a thing or two about the place of acrobatics in the bedroom. 

We brought her on to discuss Naura Hayden: almost movie star, almost-sex expert, and definite vitamin lunatic. You might remember her from Seanbaby’s article about her extremely hot sex advice books that dared to take a bold stand against penetration. But surely there’s more to her than that. Otherwise this is going to be a short podcast.

In other news, we did it! We made a podcast that clocked in under an hour! Congratulations, Naura Hayden, for not having another idea!

On our bonus episode for Hot Dog Heroes or stronger, we play a Seanbaby’s Book Game with 1,003 Great Things About Moms — another epic by Delaware’s gossipiest vampire coven, Lisa Birnbach, Ann Hodgman, and Patricia Marx. In our last Birnhodgarx book game, a hypothetical human being lived its entire life and died within the pages of a cutesy list-format tip book. It’s going to be tough beating that, unless IT HAPPENS IN EVERY BOOK.

As always, remember to almost penetrate us wherever you get podcasts, but definitely do penetrate us in your review