Podcasting Day: Conan the Destroyer 🌭

This Podcasting Day it’s part 2 of Conan the Podcast: Conan the Destroyer! We are once again asking a smart young woman to watch a dumb old movie for men with her fresh eyes. After seeing the violent, meandering fuck and slaughter fest that was Conan the Barbarian, Lydia Bugg was prepared for anything the sequel could throw at her!

Except for a PG family-friendly romp full of wacky sidekicks and callback gags. Plus Wilt Chamberlain! Plus Grace Jones! 

Surprise Grace Jones! Ain’t nobody ever ready for that.

Plus a hilarious reference to your favorite gag from the first movie: That time a stoned Conan accidentally knocked out a camel and everybody hated it. Let’s see what happens when they – GULP – meet again! 



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In keeping with this week’s theme of old-timey men and uncontrollable violence, we have a new shirt! From Brockway’s classic column about beating animals with their own kind, it’s this shirt about beating animals with their own kind!