Podcasting Day: WMAC Masters Ladies’ Night with Merritt K 🌭

Once, in days long past, Seanbaby and Brockway along with their guest, horror author and mega-skeeter Merritt K, made a vow: To discuss three 20 minute episodes of WMAC Masters, the ‘90s martial arts TV show that was like Kidz Bop Mortal Kombat. They thought it would take them an hour, total. Now centuries have passed, empires have grown and crumbled, gods have been felled, and our adventure at last comes to a close. Love, loss, yin, victory, tragedy, yang, rollerskates, ninjas – the epic conclusion is finally upon us. We are discussing WMAC Masters Season 2, Episode 3: Ladies’ Night. Listen to the end of all things here… or wherever you get podcasts.

But first, the feel good club hit of the summer: