Podcasting Day: The Sincere Episode, with Jason Pargin! 🌭

Welcome to a Very Special Podcasting Day. Today we’re doing something crazy, something experimental, something strange and impossible that you never expected from us, and may never hear from us again: 

Unbridled positivity! 

This week we’re joined by relentless optimist Jason Pargin for an all-positive podcast with no twist. See, I just mentioned there’s no twist and already you’re on guard for traps and betrayals. I’ve trained you for that, that’s understandable, those instincts will save you in The Hot Dog Labyrinth, but there’s seriously no twist to this premise: Awesome shows we genuinely like that are buried on streaming platforms. 

That’s it! It’s nothing revolutionary, there are surely countless podcasts with this exact premise, but it’s a nearly impossible task for us. You’ll be on the edge of your seat as we repeatedly dip into our natural state, mockery, then struggle to emotionally wrestle ourselves out of it. We’ll start getting goofy, we’ll start doing our jobs and being funny, and no! We’ll drag ourselves from the brink and remember: This is awesome. This is an episode about genuinely good things and the broken people who struggle to enjoy them. 

I won’t tell you which shows we’re talking about, but I will tell you what their porn parodies would be.

That’s it! That was the joke. The better ones are in the podcast, which you can subscribe to here, or wherever they do that thing. Prove you’re a better person than us — one capable of sincerely enjoying things — by leaving us a review. That’ll show us!