PoxCo Regional Wrestling Magazine

Mysteries are all around us. What made that noise? How did this wrestling magazine from the wrong dimension get here? Others? Thank you for joining us for another Punching Day at 1-900-Hotdog.


This article was brought to you by our fine patron and Hot Dog Supreme, DatFMCobalion: Who once saved two internet comedians from a sexy jet-ski accident and all he got was this lousy credit.

2 replies on “PoxCo Regional Wrestling Magazine”

When I was a kid my parents had to find an impromptu neighbor to babysit me one night. Back then, I would have been more than entertained with the toy section of the Sears catalogue. The neighbor brought me that and a wrestling magazine her husband subscribed to. This article properly captures my pre-adolescent confusion flipping through that magazine.

“I’m space me!” is still one of my favorite things, for reasons I can’t even explain nor do I understand.

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