The Truth About Power Rangers

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8 replies on “The Truth About Power Rangers”

Somebody let Phil Phillips see the original Super Sentai shows Power Rangers is based on because his head will explode.

This article is supposed to be free and available to lowly non-patrons, the hot dog said so.

If God doesn’t want us doing Karate, then Phil Phillips needs to take the balls out of his mouth and explain Chuck Norris.

I’m not making any dated jokes, either; that dude is God’s biggest fan and he’s been karateing for, like, 50 years now. Your move, Phil.

There are scads of these books. Anti-pop-culture fear-mongering is a big thing in Christian circles. Hell, a guy came to my church when i was a kid to explain why Harry Potter and Pokemon were satanic. Apparently shitting on pop culture was this guy’s whole ‘ministry’. I said to him something to the effect that you might as well call Star Wars evil, to which is reply was obviously, “Star Wars IS evil!”

My immediate impulse was to swear I would do some research and debunk him, but then I had a growing up moment when I realized he wasn’t worth my time.

I love how, in arguing that karate is evil because you should rely on God to protect you, he also accidentally tells all the conservative parents reading his books that they’re going to hell for owning all those guns.

This article recklessly suggests the holy crouton hat is crazy. One star.

What I don’t understand is: Why would Rita Repulsa kidnap the one 12 yr old who is friends with 2 Power Rangers? Seems like Rita could kidnap ANY other 12 yr old, from any other city or country, and probably avoid being defeated by the Power Rangers.

I’m disappointed in Rita.

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