Behold: SuperBook

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10 replies on “Behold: SuperBook”

I am pretty sure that the first time I took LSD I wandered the streets of Moscow, Idaho and when I returned to my house, my brother was watching this cartoon in his underwear. Fuck that robot!!!

I believe you, even now I can’t ejaculate without the smell if grease paint.

I’ve got a small idea for an improvement: an index page would help, because now to get to older pages you have to click through one by one… You’re hilarious as usual otherwise, thanks for the laughs!

I’ve found changing the number in the website URL itself is the fastest way to scroll backwards.

So what happened in the Sodom and Gemorrah episode? Please don’t make me actually watch this.

I know I’m super late to this article but I had to work on the Superbook reboot. It’s full of just as much nonsense and child endangerment as the original, but now it has a higher budget!

They have a two-part episode about Lucifer becoming a fallen angel after leading a revolt against God. And that rebellion involves a battle where angels are fighting each other with flaming swords:

The kids just watch from the sidelines as angels are slaughtered all around them. The sound effect of angels being slashed sounds harsh for a children’s cartoon but this is the bible we’re talking about.

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