The Ads of True Crime Magazine

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16 replies on “The Ads of True Crime Magazine”

I understand that Poxco ad is quite old, but I’m not sure we are allowed to say “jiggaroon” anymore.

Oh we never were. It was always offensive, even back in the good ol’ days when you could spit right in an orphan’s eye so long as their tan was darker than yours.

Ugh to live in those times, when a pale white man in America finally had some privilege!

What a time to be alive. Two dollars would get you so much! Incense, hookers, quack magic, babies, prescription heroin, hate crimes…
Unrelated, “eleven inch solid slab of crazy” is what I lovingly call my weiner after reading your guy’s article on helping.

I keep trying to enlarge the image of the debonaire, blind folded gentleman urging me to know my prostate. So unfair to withold that kind of knowledge from us!

I don’t think the standards to be a cop have actually changed at all since this magazine was printed.

I can’t help but imagine how slow mail delivery was when the poor mailman had to make change for every random psychopath on his route.

Is John Bugg like Liddy’s grandpa? Cause that would be objectively awesome.

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