Everyone The Wonder Twins Rescued Should Be Dead 🌭

In 1977, the Super Friends introduced brother and sister teen aliens who had the ill-defined ability to transform into any kind of animal and any kind of water when they touched. The “Wonder Twins” had a sidekick space monkey clearly operating under the rules of the wrong cartoon universe, and one last thing: they were stupid as fuck. Welcome to Everyone Who The Wonder Twins “Rescued” Should Be Dead, Episode 001: “Tiger on the Loose.”

Before we begin, there are some governing laws I follow when producing an episode of EWTWTRSBD. I am not allowed to modify screenshots or change the plot in any significant way. When it was broadcast, the events of “Tiger on the Loose” unfolded exactly like this, and all I did was change the dialog to be more appropriate. You’re going to think I’m lying, that there’s no way anyone made something this goddamn dumb, but I promise they did.

Anyway, I’ll get started carefully Photoshopping these jokes onto, oh fuck, 70 images!? I guess I’ll see you in about three days, world!

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Wait, are they leaving? No, come back! The Lord’s of Hot Dog are going to add an index so you can look for past articles to inspire better rescue ideas!

It’s been like a zillion years and I still go read Seanbaby’s super friends page to calm down once in a while. I secretly hold out hope he’s going to finally fucking finish it!!!

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