Punching Day: Karate Rap

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12 replies on “Punching Day: Karate Rap”

Could this have possibly been the inspiration for the Y.K. Kim masterpiece: “Miami Connection?”

I finally introduced my wife to you guys through the roadhouse podcast, she laughed her ass off!
Thanks for it all.

This is excellent work, Brockway… But you’re going to need like twenty more years of hounding these poor bastards before you take the antihero crown away from Seanbaby and his merciless Godek stalking.

Those are legitimately the only two attractive people the 1980s produced, and look how they choose to waste such potential.

The stalking of memes, I think, is just practice for when he finds out who stole his stuff from the moving pod.

Sensei’s picture with the fanny pack full of Shurikens does not fill me with confidence. It fills with with trepidation at the safety of anyone who enters his home, or as he might call it, his “Dojo”.

Was Batfink bad?? I haven’t watched it for about 30 years but I remember loving it at the time D:

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