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5 replies on “Inseminoid”

I… *really* don’t like that the original monster vanished without a trace. Why stop after just Sandy? It would have been so easy to outwit the entire dumbass crew. Do the males of the species die after mating? But then why wasn’t the body ever discovered? Do… do they practice sexual cannibalism like mantises??? Oh sweet Christ, is that where Sandy got all that strength from?

I am so stealing clips of Gail’s heat regulator-related incompetence to make Among Us memes.

For terrible weird movies, please seek out The Sleeping Car. It doesn’t even have its own wikipedia page but I need to know if its insanity holds up since I watched it 18 years ago.

At least we know where this movie stands on abortion. They could have solved a lot of problems if this space station had a well placed flight of stairs.

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