Nerding Day: Brides in Love

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4 replies on “Nerding Day: Brides in Love”

I guess we’re lucky these comics came out when they did; a decade or so earlier, and they’d have been required to include a panel just dedicated to measuring the right size of stick for smacking the opinions out of their wivestock.

A rare Iowan monkey at that.

You get an 5×7 _enlargement_ ? how small were photos in the 60s?

damnit… per mental floss:
“The Federal Trade Commission got involved in 1960 and discovered that the company not only had never awarded a prize, they didn’t even have access to any of the tiny creatures. An official Cease and Desist Letter was eventually issued.”

The life of a hotdog detective is one defined by disappointment and tragedy. But it does come with the truth.
A report from that time stated that more than 173,000 squirrel monkeys were imported into the USA from South America between 1968 and 1972.

Mostly thanks to comic book ads.

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