Upsetting Day: The Alertness Drug Review

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6 replies on “Upsetting Day: The Alertness Drug Review”

You should track down Robert Evans in whatever mad max warlord bunker he’s built in the cascades to do a follow up drug review. Maybe you can do some stealth MK Ultra stuff on Swaim and observe the results

Shame you don’t have an expendable Mormon laying around to take the hit/arrow/beartrap.

I really hope the Bag O Pills is right for me, ‘cause I found a lot of them in my parking lot and in this economy I can’t really afford to throw them away.

I went to Canada once to get my Modafinil prescription filled (it was much cheaper). That shit made me feel fucking invincible, it was the best thing ever. Then I found out that was because I’m bipolar and it was making me manic.

Still, it’s good shit.

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