Podcasting Day: The Romantic Photon Dungeon for Hunks 🌭

Happy very special Podcasting Day to you, our podcastees. And it’s a big one: as of today, The Dogg Zzone 9000 is going weekly! That’s right, we’re going to talk to you every single week, like a healthy relationship with a parent, or a mandatory one with a parole officer. We’ll spend so much time in your ears you are basically guaranteed an infection. Do we have enough charm and wit to fill that many episodes? Maybe not! But it’ll be funny to watch us struggle every week, much like our parole officer! 

To kick things off we’re finally getting Lydia Bugg on the podcast, whom you might know from this site. Right here! We had a lot we wanted to unpack in last week’s Hot Doggery, so we put on our Self Reflection Helmets and dove into our own bullshit. We talked about Jack Chick’s tiny efforts to save the dork soul, we discussed masturbating to hunks with plausible deniability, we delved too deep into Photon and were rightfully punished for it, and we also have a little something just for the ladies with The Romance Writer’s Phrase Book. Here’s another gift, women: Moist musk.

You love that! We were assured you love that. We read the official Phrase Book, we’d know better than you. 

We finally have a name for our bonus podcasts:

And we’re celebrating it with a special bonus episode miniseries called PIZZA BUDDIES WATCH SUPER FRIENDS!

There is a scientific meter of friendship. On it, Super Friends is the highest level. Subway Acquaintances is the lowest level. We’ve run the numbers: Seanbaby and Brockway are definitely Pizza Buddies. Pizza Buddies who watch Super Friends together… with you! It’s a live watchalong podcast, kind of a track you can play where we riff on what you’re watching. It’s a pretty complicated concept. Maybe there should be a word for that. 

If you want to listen to us discuss just how much Gleek rules, you can find new episodes of Pizza Buddies Watch Super Friends in the Bonus Podcast channel of our Discord. Join today! Also don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast here, leave us a review, and abandon your friends to die in a garden.

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I never even knew there was a shitty hamburger joke book-shaped void in my soul, but now that I know it’s there, Seanbaby… you must fill it. You must fill it the way that dumbass joke book’s author wanted to whip out his Big Mac and fill Farrah Fawcett’s all-beef patties with his special sauce.

See, Mr. Shitty Hamburger Joke Book Author? THAT’S how little effort it would’ve taken to make an actual joke out of hamburgers and Farrah Fawcett, you witless lump of discharge.

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of these, but have fun with

Item #71: Are Roman Catholics Christians?
I bet you can guess the ending!

Ps: Please don’t let Seanbaby give these awful people any money. If you want these things for free, I recommend your nearest truckstop men’s room.

loved this podcast, Lydia was great!

…kinda unforgivable she lost the book game to brockway though…

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