Punching Day: The Official WWF Merchandise Catalog

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6 replies on “Punching Day: The Official WWF Merchandise Catalog”

Who? I feel this nagging sensation in the back of my mind, like I should… Know something about someone. Who was it? Ports Chomney? Pat Crabbler? Dammit… This is going to bug me all night.

That hat on the church youth group model up there is clearly just the result of an arts and crafts project centered around a Popeye’s box.

Fun fact (and by fun, I mean horrific and depressing): you don’t know how on the money you are about Jake not being friends with his Snake! Back in 2004, he got in some real shit after said snake died in part due to being sorely mistreated. You were right to champion Koko B. Ware as being cooler, at least HIS animal companion only… died by accident because of a house fire… Wow, I really turned this Punching Day comment into Upsetting Day, didn’t I?

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